Agreements That Won't Lead to Divorce

At the conclusion of the mediation, I'm often asked, "What about the agreement we reached? Does it have to be reduced to an immediate judgment and divorce?" It does not. Many times parties enter into separation agreements that can extend for an infinite amount of time so that the parties can live under the terms and conditions of the separation agreement without actually being divorced.

I advise clients as a Nassau County Divorce Mediator that this is common when the health insurance and other benefits are necessary for the other spouse and the parties determine that a divorce is not necessary, rather living separately and apart with an agreement is necessary. At any time the parties can then take that agreement and reduce to an agreement of divorce.

If you have questions about agreements that won't lead to divorce, contact our experienced Divorce Mediator.

This informational blog post was brought to you by Mike Lease, an experienced Divorce Mediator

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