Car Accident Attorney Discusses the First Things To Do When Seriously Injured in an Auto Accident

As an experienced personal injury attorney, I think the first thing for someone to do when they are involved in any auto accident is to take pictures of the cars involved, take pictures of the scene, and get all the information you can from the other driver. You should also call the police immediately. There are times you might not realize your sustained injuries until 48 hours later, your body might be in shock, there may not be much damage to the vehicle. Today's vehicles absorb damage much better and thus damage may appear minimal; however, your body may in fact have sustained serious injuries. Document the accident. If you are hurt or are going to the hospital, call a relative or friend to let them know where you will be and what occurred.

After you have been treated, it is important to consult with an attorney that specializes personal injuries in order to preserve your rights. Failure to timely file claims may result in your losing No Fault medical benefits. Your own insurance company must be properly notified in order to protect yourself in case the other vehicle was not insured or had inadequate insurance coverage. Protect your rights - consult with a car accident attorney.

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