Client's Concerns Regarding the Cost of Divorce

Many divorces are resolved relatively amicably and with minimal costs to the parties. Some divorces, however, are complicated by issues such as allegations of domestic violence, child custody and visitation, sophisticated financial holdings, allegations of hidden assets, allegations of assets being dissipated by a spouse, assets that one spouse may claim as his or her separate property, as well as other issues.

Clients frequently express concerns about the costs they will incur for legal fees and, if required in their particular case, expert witness fees, forensic accounting fees, evaluations and appraisals, attorneys for the children of the parties, etc. These concerns are particularly concerning if one party has limited financial resources or the other party has control over the parties assets.

If you are the disadvantaged spouse the New York State Domestic Relations Law permits you to make an application to the Court to require your spouse to pay all or part of your legal fees and other costs incurred in a divorce. If legal fees are your concern, you should consult with a qualified divorce lawyer here on Long Island to determine whether or not you may qualify to have your spouse pay for your legal fees.

If you are having trouble paying for your divorce, contact our experienced Long Island Divorce Lawyers.

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