Benefits of Getting Separated but Not Divorced

Published: Feb 11, 2017 | Last modified: Feb 11, 2017
As an experienced Divorce Lawyer, occasionally prospective clients will ask about the possibility of obtaining a separation instead of a divorce. In certain situations separations may be preferable. For example if there is a possibility that the parties may ultimately reconcile or if it w...

The Difference Between Legal Custody and Residential Custody

Published: Jan 29, 2017 | Last modified: Jan 29, 2017
There are two types of custody. There is legal custody, which is the ability to make decisions for the children. For example, what doctors they use, whether or not they need surgery or what schools they should attend. The other type of custody is residential custody where the children act...

Agreements That Won't Lead to Divorce

Published: Dec 2, 2016 | Last modified: Dec 2, 2016
At the conclusion of the mediation, I'm often asked, "What about the agreement we reached? Does it have to be reduced to an immediate judgment and divorce?" It does not. Many times parties enter into separation agreements that can extend for an infinite amount of time so that the parties ...

Reducing Your Income Once Your Divorce is Filed

Published: Nov 1, 2016 | Last modified: Nov 1, 2016
Can a spouse can reduce their income once divorce has been filed? It is not unusual that prior to or during the course of a divorce one spouse voluntarily reduces his or her income in order to avoid support obligations. The court is not bound by the party's representation as to his or her...

Divorce Mediator Discusses the Price of Mediation

Published: Sep 26, 2016 | Last modified: Sep 26, 2016
I am often asked as a Divorce Mediator if mediation is cheaper if the parties work together. Mediation can be thousands and thousands of dollars, less expensive than going to court. You pay procession, also known as pay as you go. The parties split the cost and the parties work together. ...

Divorce Lawyer Discusses the Spousal Maintenance Law Change

Published: Sep 9, 2016 | Last modified: Sep 9, 2016
I was recently asked as a Garden City, NY Divorce Lawyer about the new law change to a spousal maintenance. In June of 2015, the New York State legislature enacted several important changes to the domestic relations law that affect maintenance. If you are seeking maintenance from your spo...
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