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Foreclosing on a Mechanic’s Lien

Published: Mar 31, 2017 | Last modified: Mar 31, 2017
Foreclosing on a mechanics lien is very much like foreclosing on a mortgage to your house. Once a mechanics lien is placed on a piece of real property, it's just like a mortgage. If you don't get paid, you're like the bank. You can foreclose on the lien. You bring the owner into the litig...

Litigating a Suit in New York

Published: Dec 21, 2016 | Last modified: Dec 21, 2016
We receive many questions about litigating a suit in NY if you are sued by a customer out of state. If you conduct business across state lines, you may very well find yourself being hauled into court in a foreign state. I advise clients as a Nassau County Business Lawyer that it is import...

Attorney Explains a Mechanics Lien

Published: Oct 14, 2016 | Last modified: Oct 14, 2016
A mechanics lien is a razor sharp instrument used by contractors, tradesmen, electricians, plumbers, chimney people, landscapers, carpenters, architects, and engineers when they make improvements to real property. A mechanics lien enables these professionals to put a lien on a piece of pr...

When You Should File a Mechanic’s Lien

Published: Oct 4, 2016 | Last modified: Oct 4, 2016
I often get asked as a Business Attorney when the best time to file a mechanics lien. If you feel like there''s something wrong with a job, your not getting paid on time, or you are seeing problems when submitting paperwork, and you are keeping accurate record keeping, it may be time to ...

Business Attorney Discusses the Two Types of Mechanic Liens

Published: Sep 29, 2016 | Last modified: Sep 29, 2016
I am often asked as a Nassau County Business Attorney about the two types of mechanic liens. There are two types of mechanic''s liens. The first one is a private improvement lien. This is a mechanic''s lien that is used by the general contractors and tradesmen. It lasts for one year once...
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