Car Accidents

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Many car accidents are the result of negligence–or failure to drive in a safe manner.  When you get injured in New York, you need an experienced auto accident attorney that understands what you are going through and knows how to fight for your rights. That’s why the Masini Law Group is here. Our Long Island Car Accident Attorneys serve Nassau County and Suffolk County residents.

Our Long Island, NY car accident lawyers have been working with clients for years, earning them the compensation they deserve after a serious auto accident. Our law firm knows that recovering from a serious injury can be a difficult experience, but the process of obtaining legal justice shouldn’t be. As experienced car accident lawyers, we know how to aggressively fight insurance companies and help clients get the compensation they deserve.

Take Photos

We recommend the first thing you should do when you are involved in any car accident in Nassau County or Suffolk County Long Island is to take pictures of the cars involved.  It is important taht you get all the information you can from the other driver and call the police. At Masini Law Group, P.C. in Long Island, we think the most important thing is to document the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

If you can tell you are hurt, go to the hospital right away and call a relative or friend.  Let them know where you are going and what you are involved in.  Then after you are done with your immediate treatment, it is important to consult with a qualified car accident attorney that specializes in personal injury, because there are different aspects involved in an automobile or car accident injury case.

There are times when you might not realize you sustained injuries until 48 hours later.  Your body might be in shock.  You might look and say there is not much damage to the vehicle, but cars are made a lot different these days than they were before.  Today they might absorb the shock better but then inertia is going to go to the body.

As soon as you realize you are hurt, seek medical attention.  We all know that sometimes going to an emergency room can be stressful.  So if you have a primary doctor you can see, call them and make an appointment with your physician.  If you have questions after seeking medical attention, contact our experienced New York car accident attorneys.

Trusted Long Island Car Accident Attorneys serving Nassau County and Suffolk County

There are certain things that have to be done within 30 days to get your benefits.  There are certain notices that you to provide at your insurance company.  There are certain things that you need to to do to protect yourself, in case the other vehicle did not have adequate insurance.  If you have a question about protecting your legal reights contact our experienced Long Island personal injury attorneys today.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney that cares about you.  Our Long Island Car Accident Attorneys serve Nassau County and Suffolk County. We are dedicated to getting you the best possible legal outcome.

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