The Difference Between Legal Custody and Residential Custody

Published: Jan 29, 2017 | Last modified: Jan 29, 2017
There are two types of custody. There is legal custody, which is the ability to make decisions for the children. For example, what doctors they use, whether or not they need surgery or what schools they should attend. The other type of custody is residential custody where the children act...

Car Accident Attorney Discusses the First Things To Do When Seriously Injured in an Auto Accident

Published: Jan 19, 2017 | Last modified: Jan 19, 2017
As an experienced personal injury attorney, I think the first thing for someone to do when they are involved in any auto accident is to take pictures of the cars involved, take pictures of the scene, and get all the information you can from the other driver. You should also call the polic...

What's Important to Know About Children Crossing Borders from Central America?

Published: Jan 12, 2017 | Last modified: Jan 12, 2017
As an Immigration Attorney I get asked about what is going on with the influx of central american children coming to the US. Children trying to cross the US border is becoming an increasingly bigger problem over recent years. As Long Island Immigration Attorneys we often say the best reso...

Bankruptcy Lawyer Discusses What a Trustee Does During a Bankruptcy Case

Published: Jan 6, 2017 | Last modified: Jan 6, 2017
What does a Trustee do and why are they needed? When an individual files for bankruptcy the first thing that happens is that the case gets assigned to a trustee. The trustee is an attorney that works with the court and with the judge to essentially administer the estate of the debtor. T...

When Should I Consider Filing Bankruptcy?

Published: Dec 30, 2016 | Last modified: Dec 30, 2016
What I tell clients is that when individuals come to me and they want to file for bankruptcy, there are a number of things they have to consider. The first thing I have clients do is pull a copy of their credit report so that we can see the debts that are outstanding, we can see judgments...

Litigating a Suit in New York

Published: Dec 21, 2016 | Last modified: Dec 21, 2016
We receive many questions about litigating a suit in NY if you are sued by a customer out of state. If you conduct business across state lines, you may very well find yourself being hauled into court in a foreign state. I advise clients as a Nassau County Business Lawyer that it is import...

Using an Attorney to Purchase a Property

Published: Dec 15, 2016 | Last modified: Dec 15, 2016
Do you need an attorney at all to help you purchase a property? Often there are family transactions where people will ask, "Do I really need an attorney?" The answer to that question is you're not legally required to use an attorney in the State of New York, however, nobody else will prov...

Appealing a Decision on Your Social Security Applications

Published: Dec 8, 2016 | Last modified: Dec 8, 2016
One of the main questions our Social Secruity Attorny receives is about Social Secruity Benefits Application denial. If you are denied after the initial application is submitted, then you have a right within 60 days to demand a hearing. At that time, you will be given a hearing before th...

Agreements That Won't Lead to Divorce

Published: Dec 2, 2016 | Last modified: Dec 2, 2016
At the conclusion of the mediation, I'm often asked, "What about the agreement we reached? Does it have to be reduced to an immediate judgment and divorce?" It does not. Many times parties enter into separation agreements that can extend for an infinite amount of time so that the parties ...

Social Security Disability: Benefits for Multiple Injuries

Published: Nov 21, 2016 | Last modified: Nov 21, 2016
Will Social Security Disability consider multiple injuries separately? The Social Security Act demands that any adjudicator determine your disability based on all of your physical or mental impairments, not just one of them. I advise clients as a Long Island Social Security Attorney that ...
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