Practice Areas

Divorce Lawyers

The main divorce issues are grounds for divorce, for division of assets, child custody & visitation, child support and spousal maintenance. If an agreement on all these issues is reached, the parties enter into a written agreement called the stipulation of settlement. The Divorce Attorneys at Masini Law care about you. Our Divorce Lawyers are dedicated to getting you the best possible legal outcome.



Wherever there is discourse, meeting with our experienced Mediators at the Masini Law Group allows both parties to get together and discuss matters in a peaceful, cooperative, and neutral setting where everyone can speak freely. Our skilled Mediators specialize in preparing customized settlements or agreements that provide a fair and equitable solution for all parties involved.


Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy is a federal court process that enables individuals and businesses to eliminate their debts. Our Bankruptcy Lawyers meet with individuals everyday that express concerns about not being able to get caught up on their credit cards or mortgage payments. They have collections companies calling them all the time. Our Bankruptcy Lawyers know that in many case bankruptcy is a good solution for them. Bankruptcy is a very powerful tool for individuals and businesses to get back on their feet, and get back to a decent way of living. It is important to have the Bankruptcy Lawyers at Masini Law who specializes in bankruptcy law on your side.


Business Attorneys

Regardless of whether you are starting a new business or if you are running an established company, it is always a good idea to surround yourself with good people. If your internal management team does not include a Business Attorney and you are operating a business in New York, you should meet with our experienced Business Attorneys. The Business Attorneys at Masini Law care about you. Our Business attorneys are dedicated to getting you the best possible legal outcome.


Car Accident Attorneys

As experienced Car Accident Attorneys we recommend the first thing you should do when you are involved in any car accident is to take pictures of the cars involved. As Car Accident Attorneys we recommend that you get all the information you can from the other driver and call the police. At Masini Law Group, P.C. in Long Island, we think the most important thing is to document the accident. Hire a Car Accident Attorney that cares about you.


Immigration Lawyers

If you are a US citizen, and you have relatives abroad, you can use a family based petition to get your unmarried children, your spouse, your brothers and your sisters into the United States. Hire a Immigration Lawyer that cares about you. Our Immigration Lawyers are dedicated to getting you the best possible legal outcome, all at a reasonable cost.


Personal Injury Lawyers

The Personal injury lawyers at Masini Law assist individuals, and the family members of victims, who were seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence. The Majority of personal injury cases on falls within the areas of auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents and medical malpractice. If you have been seriously injured in New York, you should contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer. Do not delay. Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer that cares about you. Our Personal Injury Lawyers are dedicated to getting you the best possible legal outcome, all at a reasonable cost.


Real Estate Attorneys

The seasoned Real Estate Attorneys at Masini Law Group has decades of experience in handling real estate matters. Our Real Estate Attorneys have assisted individuals, private groups, and corporate entities on Long Island, and throughout the entire New York Metropolitan Area with the purchase, sale, or refinancing of commercial and residential real estate.


Social Security Attorneys

Our skilled Social Security Attorneys have the experience and tenacity required to fight to have your claim reconsidered. Whether you need to apply, have been denied, or are unsure if you qualify for benefits. The Social Security Attorneys at Masini Law will fight to obtain the benefits you deserve.


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